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I For All takes care of wedding arrangements from A through Z, for local residents, as well as for the so-called “destination weddings”, meaning weddings for those who don’t live on Curaҫao, but would love to get married here.

What does I For All mean when we say we take care of wedding arrangements from A through Z? In short: We arrange everything that has to do with weddings. All the preparations, the organization during the wedding itself, and even all the arrangements after the big day. I For All takes care of everything.

If you want to get married on Curaҫao, you must submit several documents at the civil registrar’s office (Kranshi). The same goes for the 6 witnesses that need to be present for a “destination wedding”. I For All will let you know what procedures to follow and which documents you need to submit. Once these documents have been submitted to Kranshi by I For All, the civil registrar will file a “notice of marriage” for the bridal couple to-be. This is just a written notice so you do not need to be present on Curaҫao for this. I For All will arrange for your marriage certificate, which is needed in your home country as proof of marriage. I For All will also set up an introductory meeting for you with the civil servant who will be performing the wedding, so that you can discuss your wishes for your ceremony. You can start submitting all necessary documentation and set your wedding date at the civil registry a maximum of 6 months before your wedding.

Wedding location, decorations, food and beverage, bridal cake, bridal bouquet, photographer, wedding car, transportation of your guests, tables, chairs, lighting, makeup, hairdresser, and much more, I For All organizes, arranges, and maintains contact with all the suppliers. I For All creates a customized organization plan for your dream wedding, makes arrangements with all the suppliers, and makes sure they comply with all the arrangements on the big day.
If the master of ceremonies has any questions and/or requests that are hard to deal with from abroad, I For All will act as a local master of ceremonies, and will stay in close contact with the master of ceremonies and the witnesses chosen by the bridal couple.

Why I For All? Because we are the only ones who operate this way: I For All does not have any standard wedding packages, we customize everything to the wishes of the bridal couple. We see every wedding as unique, and every couple has different wishes for their special day.
I For All does not make any decisions without the written consent of the couple when it comes to financial agreements and confirming with suppliers. All supplier invoices are sent directly to the bridal couple without any extra fees or commission for I For All. We at I For All think this is the only way to create trust, we uphold complete transparency and honest communication.

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