It is important to apply for the correct permit in the correct way
Starting your own business?

If you decide to immigrate to Curaҫao, and therefore reside on the island for an extended period, you will need a permit to do so, regardless of your nationality. If you are a Dutch or U.S.A. citizen, you will only need a “Verklaring van Rechtswege”, if you plan to reside in Curaҫao for more than 6 months, or as soon as you start working. If you decide to do an internship, start studying, start your own business, you are a person of independent means, or a “penshonado” (retired person), you will need at least one, and sometimes more than one, permit. Which permit(s) you need depends on your nationality and the nature of your stay on Curaҫao.
It is important to apply for the correct permit in the correct way, as there are many options and exceptions involved in the process, and much depends your personal situation. Are you coming here by yourself, with a partner, spouse, or children? All these things play a role in applying for the correct permits and submitting the correct documents.

Online, you can find a lot of differing, and even incorrect information, about permits and its accompanying procedures. This is because the political climate on Curaҫao has been unstable for quite a while now, causing laws, rules, and policies to change constantly. A lot of information found online is therefore outdated.
I For All is in close contact with the government authorities, and is frequently personally present at the “Toelatingsorganisatie”, Curaҫao’s immigration services. This means we are almost always aware of recent changes, and we always try to provide you with the right information regarding laws, policies and procedures, as they apply to requesting a permit.

I For All knows how complicated the different procedures are for requesting permits, often making it almost impossible to make the correct choices, submit the right documents, and follow the correct procedures. I For All would like to inform and advise you about the rules, laws and procedures regarding the different permits listed above.
The effect of the political instability on Curaҫao pertains to these permits as well, and changes in rules and regulations are made quite frequently. Should I For All not know the answer to your question right away, we will contact the appropriate agency to obtain the necessary information and relay this information to you. If you would like I For All to assist you and take care of the entire permitting process, please feel free to contact us.

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