Living and working on Curaҫao

Immigrating to Curaҫao...
So you have made the decision
to immigrate to Curaҫao,
what’s next?

Regardless of your nationality, you cannot just come and live or work on Curaҫao for an indefinite period without a permit. Do you have a Dutch or United States Passport and are you staying on Curaҫao more than 6 months, or are you starting a job right away? Then you will need a “Verklaring van Rechtswege” (VRW), which needs to be applied for before to arrive on Curaҫao. As soon as you have the “Bewijs van aanvraag VRW” (proof that you have applied for the VRW), you are allowed to stay on Curaҫao while you await the government’s decision on whether to grant you the VRW

People without a Dutch or American passport need to be in possession of a residency permit, and if they are planning on working here, a work permit as well, before they arrive on Curaҫao. They need to remain abroad while awaiting the government’s decision on whether to grant you the requested permits.
Administrative costs and fees must be paid to the government when applying for permits. The amounts depend on the type of permit you apply for. You can apply for permits in order receive status as an intern/student/employee/director/person of independent means/ or so-called “penshonado” (a local term for a retired person). It is also possible to request an investment permit. Each permit application requires different documents that must be submitted to Curaҫao’s immigration services, named the “Toelatingorganisatie”, or the “TO”.

I For All will take care of the entire permit application process for a “Verklaring van Rechtswege” and all the other permits mentioned, for you as well as for all your family members. You do not need to be present on Curaҫao for this.
In addition to applying for all necessary permits, there are a lot of other items that are of great importance when immigrating here. I For All is here to help you find a home, buy a car, open a bank account, and can take care of lots of other things you may need when arriving.
Would you like more information about applying for your “Verklaring van Rechtswege”, your residency permit, work permit, or do you have any other immigration questions? Please let us know. I For All is at your service.

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