who is
I for all ?

Our company is also known as Eye For All, and a lot of people have started calling me Inki. My name is Inki Brouwers. I moved to Curaҫao in 2002 and the island stole my heart right away. I worked for different companies, mostly in the tourism and event industries.

Over the years I gained a lot of experience, work-related, as well as personal. I have gotten to know many companies and people. In 2011 I established my own company, I For All. I chose this name because my goal is to help everyone who needs help or advice that relates to Curaҫao, no matter in what area.

In order to explain I For All’s activities as succinctly as possible, I chose the following summary:
I For All provides personal assistance and makes arrangements in the broadest sense of the word, on the island of Curaҫao.
People and companies often dread making these arrangements themselves. My clients are lacking the time, connections, experience, knowledge, resources, or…. they just do not have the desire to deal with these items, and want someone to take proper care of these arrangements.

I for all
takes care of