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Which documents do I need for a permit?

This is the question everyone would to have an answer to. Unfortunately, I For All cannot answer this question very easily, as it depends on which permit you need. If you send us an email with information regarding the purpose of your stay on Curaҫao, as well as your nationality, we will be able to give you more specific information regarding the permits you would qualify for, and which documents would need to be submitted when requesting this permit. If you would like I For All to take care of the permitting process for you, we will send you a complete list of needed documents, and explain the rest of the procedure to you.

Are there expenses associated with getting permits?

Yes, since April 1st, 2014, the “Toelatingsorganisatie” (immigration services) has implemented the so-called “costs and retributions” fees. The amount of these fees varies per permit. When requesting a “Verklaring van Rechtswege”, the fees are Naf 615,00. A residency permit, depending on the type, and whether or not this is a first-time request or a renewal, can cost anywhere between Naf 625,00 and Naf 655,00 per person. If you are not a Dutch or U.S.A. citizen, you will also have to submit a deposit (a.k.a. “deposito”). The deposit amount depends on which country you are from, and will be returned to you when leaving Curaҫao permanently.

How much does I For All charge for its services?

I For All’s mediation fees strongly depend on your situation and on the reason you are coming to Curaҫao. It also depends on the number of people coming with you, everyone’s age and nationality.  This is why we need to map out your particular situation before we can give you an exact price quote. If you send an email to I For All with all the information requested above, we will respond to you within 24 hours, so we can give you a quote based on this information.

Am I allowed to stay on the island after I have submitted my permit request?

If you are a Dutch or U.S. citizen, and you have requested your “Verklaring van Rechtswege”, you will receive a “bevestiging van aanvraag VWR” (proof you have made the request), also known as “client copy”. With this written confirmation, you may come to Curacao, reside here, and even work here. If you have a different nationality, you need to await the immigration office’s decision abroad. However, there are a few exceptions. I For All would love to provide you with more information on this.

Can I For All guarantee that a requested permit gets approved by the government?

I For All cannot be 100% sure if a requested permit will get approved or denied. I For All cannot be held responsible for this. However, if you have supplied all the correct information, no fraudulent documentation has been submitted, and the file submitted was complete, you can assume your request will be approved. However, if you have stayed on Curaҫao illegally, or you submitted incorrect information, I For All will not make an appeal in case your request gets denied. Of course, you would be free to make the appeal yourself in a case like this.

Does I For All take care of getting all needed documents as well?

There are several documents you will need to obtain yourself, such as the VOG (certificate of good behavior), and your birth certificate. I For All is not authorized to obtain these documents. However, I For All can inform you which documents you need, and where and how to request them. Other documents, such as proof of employment, or administrative fee forms, can be arranged by I For All.

My residency permit has expired, but I did request a renewal. Am I allowed to travel and return to Curaҫao while awaiting my new permit?

Officially, you are allowed to travel, however, customs agents at the Hato airport can be difficult in cases like this. I For All recommends you request a “bewijs van terugkeer” (proof of return form). We can help you obtain this form.

Can I For All help me obtain insurance for my home, car, or medical expenses?

Of course we can! I For All works in close cooperation with an insurance company that can provide you with insurance policies for medical expenses, your car, as well as for your home and its contents.

Can I For All help me with tax matters?

I For All can provide you with a lot of information regarding taxes. We also work closely with the tax authorities, as well as with a company that specializes in tax services. Feel free to ask I For All any tax related questions you may have. If we don’t know the answer, we will happily refer you to the people who do have the answers you are looking for.

Are you obligated to deregister from the country you live in if you want to register to live on Curaҫao?

Yes, if you want to get registered on Curacao at the civil registry, you need to show proof of deregistration from the municipality in the country you lived in before moving to Curaҫao.